WCOOP 2020: All of the information in the last Day -‘PTFisherman23′ (High),’1mSoWeeeaK’ (Med),’klimono’ (Low) triumph Main Occasions

The 2020 World Championship of Online Poker has attained its own completion — 225 championships disperse over 25 times . Wednesday night that which culminated with the crowning of three Main Event winners:

  • Main Event (High) winner: Andre”PTFisherman23″ Marques (Netherlands) — $1, 2 147,270. 86 (after three-way deal)
  • Main Event (Moderate ) winner: 1mSoWeeeaK (Thailand) — $504,583. 85
  • Main Event (Low) winner: klimono (Poland) $186,841. 09

Almost $15.5 million has been granted in these 3 championships alone (! ) ) . Following is a rundown of just how each of the primary Events wrapped up.

WCOOP 2020 Main Event (High):’PTFisherman23′ reels in name, almost $1. 15M

By 1,977 admissions, Teun”tinnoemulder” Mulder directed the last nine to begin the day. Meanwhile, Cecilia”princes chu” Cafaro entered the last table as the short stack and inside the very first half-hour was initially out in ninth.

The last eight battled out of that point, and until long Mulder, Andre”PTFisherman23″ Marques, also Robin”robinho” Ylitalo were basically tied to the chip lead.

“77atlant77” additionally began under typical, also after being not able to stage a comeback dropped in eighth. Having said that, after having won entrance to the 5,200 occasion after beginning with a $22 Twist & Go, 77atlant77 needed to be delighted with a $140K-plus payout along with enormous return on investment.

Mike”munchenHB” Telker gained two Stadium series through the summer and also had appreciable WCOOP victory in years past such as simplifying the Main Event at 2014. That is the famous one where Marat”maratik” Sharafutdinov — a.k.a.”I million” — required the name to make a seven-figure score. Telker additionally made just more than $1 million because occasion prior to breaking in fourth.

Telker had to pay for seventh this moment, however, following his ace-four didn’t grab until the pocket tens of thousands of thousands “Andre_Hansen.”

Mike “munchenHB” Telker

Denys”SantaZzz” Chufarin was following out from sixth, enduring a few terrible luck at a preflop all-in versus Ylitalo. Chufarin’d A♦J♠ and also Ylitalo 8 ) ♣8 ) ♠, also was beforehand throughout the 10♦3♥J♠ flop and Q♣ turn. However, the 9♠ lake created a directly to Ylitalo, finishing Chufarin’s run.

A brief while afterwards Andre_Hansen — a former SCOOP occasion champ — dropped in fifth, his own king-jack neglecting to grab around Tonio”prrrak4783″ Röder‘s ace-jack.

Down , a few bargain discussion arose nevertheless failed to get some traction. A lengthy stretch followed closely in which all the rest of the players had been atop the counts at the same stage, then eventually the championship was first paused to explore a bargain in earnest.

Unfortunately by subsequently the former EPT winner and SCOOP winner Ylitalo had become considerably shorter compared to another three, most of whom were near in processors. ICM amounts were created, however, the discrepancy between Ylitalo’s pile and others helped guarantee a bargain would not come away, and perform shortly resumed.

Several minute after Ylitalo had dropped to just over 10 large blinds, and soon after that was in with ace-king from Mulder’s pocket nines. A king flopped, however, did a nine, along with 2 cards afterwards Ylitalo was outside in fourth.

Robin “robinho” Ylitalo

Then bargain talk resumed, together with Tonio”prrrak4783″ Röder top with roughly 179 million, respectively Teun”tinnoemulder” Mulder alongside approximately 160 million, respectively along with Andre”PTFisherman23″ Marques sitting about 154 million. ICM amounts were created , and after much debate equally Röder and Marques consented to provide up $15K creating the subsequent bonded payouts with $100,000 put aside to your winner:

  • Mulder: $1,101,527. 64
  • Röder: $1,082,522. 50
  • Marques: $1,047,270. 86

Not just one, not 2, however three seven-figure scores, all ensured!

Soon after the bargain, Marques saw a massive twice through Mulder. Preflop back-and-forthing watched Marques phoning a three-bet out of Mulder with A♠10♦ while Mulder had A♥Q♠. A flop of 10♣A♣9♦ gave Marques 2 group into Mulder’s one. Mulder wager, Marques pushed, and Mulder promptly called. Following the two ♦ flip and J♦ river Mulder had 15 million.

Several hands after Mulder three-bet awakened in the little blind using A♣3♣ and the two competitions called. The K♠3♠10♥ flop awarded Röder top group who assessed. Marques wager with A♠J♥ along with also a gutshot and Röder known as. Both assessed that the 9♣ twist, after which the Q♦ lake gave Marques a direct. Röder headed, however, folded after Marques increased. The latter took on the bud and Mulder was out in thirdparty.

The bustout capped a wonderful several weeks for Mulder who won the $10K Top Roller throughout SCOOP for more than 278K, subsequently additionally acquired a $5K title throughout the Stadium Series.

That bud supposed Marques had nearly a 2-to-1 chip lead to begin heads-up with roughly 328 million into Röder’s 165 million. )

Shortly into heads-up Röder got a whole double up after producing two group vs Marques’ pocket tanks. Nevertheless Marques chipped back up and to the guide, and then roughly 40 moments of drama had Röder down to about 20 huge blinds.

That is if a hand originated where Röder limped from the match, Marques assessed, and the flop came two ♠6♠9♣. Both assessed, then following the 9♥ flip Marques checked . Röder wager and Marques check-raised. Röder called the increase, then viewed the 10♦ autumn and Marques jam in.

Röder had roughly 48 million supporting (less than 14 BB), also following a lengthy tank that he eventually called off his pile, revealing 6♣5♦ to get nines and sixes. Unfortunately for him, Marques’d rivered a directly 8♣7♠ to acquire the pot as well as the name.

An enthusiastic and tired Marques combined the fellas about the live flow to discuss his triumph later.

WCOOP Main (High) champ Andre”PTFisherman23″ Marques to the live flow

“It is not only my story… it is for my own friends… and my nation,” said Marques. While he has been enjoying WCOOP out of Netherlands, he had been speaking to his home nation of Portugal.

WCOOP-72-H: $5, respectively 200 NLHE Main Event
trademarks: September 20-23, 2020
Entries: 1, 2 977 (inc. 541 re-entries)
Prize swimming: $10,000,000

Closing table outcomes:

1st: Andre “PTFisherman23” Marques (Netherlands) $1,147,270. 86*
2nd: Tonio “prrrak4783” Röder (Austria) $1,082,522. 50*
3rd: Teun “tinnoemulder” Mulder (Netherlands) $1,101,527. 64*
4th: Robin “robinho” Ylitalo (Sweden) $543,301. 00
5th: “Andre_Hansen” (Ukraine) $387,284. 00
6th: Denys “SantaZzz” Chufarin (Ukraine) $276,069. 00
7th: Mike “munchenHB” Telker (Costa Rica) $196,792. 00
8th: 77atlant77 (Russia) $140,280. 00
9th: Cecilia “princes chu” Cafaro (Uruguay) $99,997. 00

*identifies three bargain

WCOOP 2020 Main Event (Moderate ):’1mSoWeeeaK’ is powerful, wins name, half an milly

“1mSoWeeeaK” of Thailand claimed the top prize at the Moderate Main, making a payday worth just over $504K later there was no last table deal.

“cladarth” has been the unlucky ninth-place finisher after conducting ace-king to the pocket sequences of “Y.Zakharov.” Oscar”owilson25″ Ramirez shortly suffered an identical fate, too losing his pile Y.Zakharov if his pocket tens of thousands could not shield against Y.Zakharov’s ace-king if a king came to the board. Y.Zakharov subsequently left it three in a row, KO-ing “kirbyi17” in seventh using barbell vs ace-trey.

These 3 eliminations and a couple more baskets set Y.Zakharov into first position before start-of-day pioneer 1mSoWeeeaK.

Rafael”GM_VALTER” Moraes felt another knockout, with pocket sixes to knock out “tzini9” in sixth for those whom king-jack did not do the job. But alas for Moraes that he was the second to drop in fifth at a unfortunate hands versus Y.Zakharov. Moraes was all in with pocket tens of pocket sevens, however a seven to the board match Y.Zakharov a pair and Moraes has been performed.

Rafael “GM_VALTER” Moraes

Y.Zakharov maintained amassing knockouts, with all ace-king to ship “ZAR84” and also ace-eight into the railroad fourth. Subsequently 1mSoWeeeaK utilized ace-queen vs the ace-trey of “$harkFlo” to remove the latter at third and put up heads-up.

After beginning the last table in processors, Y.Zakharov had completed to allow it into heads-up from 1mSoWeeeaK, albeit with a small chip drawback to start their duel. There was a deal discussion but nothing had been finalized, afterward 1mSoWeeeaK immediately opened a major lead to place Y.Zakharov at the threat zone.

A hands originated where 1mSoWeeeaK jammed with 9♣8 ) ♣ and Y.Zakharov had been fast to predict A♦9♠. The runout arrived 8 ) ♠3♦K♣two ♥two ♠, nevertheless, providing 1mSoWeeeaK a set, the bud, along with the name.

WCOOP-72-M: $530 NLHE Main Event
trademarks: September 20-23, 2020
Entries: 7,105 (inc. two,284 re-entries)
Prize swimming: $3,552,500

Closing table outcomes:

1st: 1mSoWeeeaK (Thailand) $504,583. 85
2nd: Y.Zakharov (Russia) $359,679. 96
3rd: $harkFlo (Germany) $256,392. 09
4th: ZAR84 (Germany) $182,764. 75
5th: Rafael “GM_VALTER” Moraes (Brazil) $130,280. 83
6th: tzini9 (Romania) $92,868. 38
7th: kirbyi17 (Germany) $66,199. 41
8th: Oscar “owilson25” Ramirez (Honduras) $47,189. 27
9th: cladarth (Poland) $33,637. 91

WCOOP 2020 Main Event (Low):’klimono’ bulldozes dining table, wins 186K

Gamers from different countries included the last table with this particular one, the natives from a gigantic 38,660-entry area. The activity has been blistering fast, in actuality, especially after start-of-day pioneer “klimono” of Poland started collecting knockouts.

After knocking out equally “benton24” in ninth and “Jemisis” in eighth, klimono kept up the pressure and had over half of the chips into play seven abandoned — greater than 500 million if the closest challenger had less than a third of the amount.

The KOs lasted out there by klimono, also using such a enormous chip lead which suppressed any workable deal discussion. Then, “Tangawi26” pumped out Akira”Clutch Hero” Ohyama at first.

Akira “Clutch Hero” Ohyama

klimono subsequently removed “vrodrguez1” in sixth, “Mr.Skinny. 00” in fifth, also Paulo”pvss” Silva in fourth at quick succession.

Paulo “pvss” Silva

After that hurry, klimono utilized pocket queens vs ace-five to sensed “ID IMPOSS” in third.

Heads-up began with klimono loving a greater than 11-to-1 chip lead within Tangawi26, and within 5 minutes that the latter was in using Q♥9♦ vs the leader of A♥8 ) ♥. The board brought no queen, no more nine, along with a river genius to seal it.

After only one hour 20 moments of Day 4, klimono had promised the complete scheduled initial prize.

WCOOP-72-L: $55 NLHE Main Event
trademarks: September 20-23, 2020
Entries: 38,660 (inc. 14,252 re-entries)
Prize swimming: $1,933,000

Closing table results:

1st: klimono (Poland) $186,841. 09
2nd: Tangawi26 (Belgium) $132,092. 52
3rd: ID IMPOSS (United Kingdom) $93,403. 33
4th: Paulo “pvss” Silva (Brazil) $66,045. 97
5th: Mr.Skinny. 00 (Canada) $46,701. 47
6th: vrodrguez1 (Mexico) $33,022. 98
7th: Akira “Clutch Hero” Ohyama (Indonesia) $23,352. 83
8th: Jemisis (Denmark) $16,511. 49
9th: benton24 (Hungary) $11,675. 32


With over 1.1 million entries and prize pools almost totaling $100 million over 225 occasions, there have been a whole heck of a whole lot of eye-popping stats to monitor. Here is our final installment of this most popular”Stat Tracker” together with the closing updated characters:

Occasions performed: 225
Entire chain entrances: 1, 2 119,186
Entire series trophy pools: $99,780,230
Players ITM: 158,851
Initial prizes: $14,333,228. 19


Going into tonight’s final benefits, Brazil needed a two-title border over the united kingdom and Russia. They claimed that contribute to assert globally bragging rights since the nation asserting the most names throughout the 2020 WCOOP. Meanwhile, 1mSoWeeeaK’s success meant Thailand forced it to the last tally.

Final standings

35 — Brazil
33 — Russia, UK
18 — Germany
12 — Netherlands
9 — Canada
8 — Norway
7 — Finland
6 — Bulgaria
5 — Austria, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine
4 — Hungary
3 — Argentina, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden
two — Belarus, Ireland, Malta, Peru
1 — Bosnia & Herzegovina, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Japan, Jersey, Luxembourg, Monaco, Serbia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Uruguay.




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